I am an university student from City University of Hong Kong. My major is finance and I really love to read books. (That’s why the name of this website is addiction of books, haha!)

The reason I established this website was due to the inspiration of thinking big from U.S. President Donald Trump and Mr. Bill Zanker. They encourage readers find their own passion and try to make the things they love to do to be their career. I love reading books of self-improvement and love to share things to people. Therefore, I make this blog exists!

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Types of reading

  1. Autobiography of celebrities or successful businessmen
  2. Finance related books in the aspect of financial planning or investment (Just becoz I am a finance student)
  3. Inspirational or motivational books

And sometimes I would dip into books of emotional control, in which I think that will surely help my occupational career and any kinds of self-improvement books.

Mission & Vision

Try my best to capture the best things from books and share it with my opinion to all of you guys. Hopefully you guys would enjoy it. 🙂

Indeed, my ultimate goal is to make all of our teenagers thinking study is an interesting thing and will take their initiative to read!!