Boredom vs Momentum?


Some of you might hear from your friends complaining about their job, their work, their working environment or even their colleague. They may even tell you they wanna quit their job immediately. The major reason that drive them to this pessimistic attitude is they lost their enthusiasm and passion about their job. Indeed, I think some of you, personally, would have experiencing this awful feeling right now!

Why momentum is IMPORTANT?

After reading “THINK BIG” and “What They DON’T Teach You At HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL“, I start to know more about how momentum pose a profound impact to us no matter in business or our daily life. Back to the above situation happens, when we have this feeling, it indicates that we are starting to lose our momentum of our job.

                                                Losing passion is a really BIG issue!

Once we couldn’t find our job interesting, we will start to slide backward because of the lack of motivation for driving us to perfection. I do have one experience to share:

A few months ago, I worked at a studio as a photography assistant without paid just because of my desire of learning to take great photos. It was only about two days work per week but I started to feel bored because of the routine and obnoxious duties. Following with the negative emotions, I started to think is it a great time for me to quit and find a better mentor. When I recalled the days I had this thought, I found myself mitigating or even losing passion about my job, I started to grumble everything I was asked to do, I started to show the blackface to the clients, I even started to argue every
tiny little stuff with my mentor.

How to get back the momentum?
Once my mentor noticed this circumstance, she talked to me and I expressed all my feelings at that moment. When she knew my problems and expressed her opinion, I finally find a point to balance off my emotions and passion. What’s more is I am now still a staff of the studio but I am working as a diligent and enthusiastic assistant instead.

I found that successful people in business do have their own ways to keep momentum. Like what I posted in the Instagram, U.S. president Donald Trump believes learning new things could keep him momentum up therefore he starts each day very early in the morning by reading newspaper in order to satisfy his thirst of knowledge. For Mr. Mark H. McCORMACK could keep redefining his job, taking on new challenge for himself from his routine works.

As usual, I would like to quote something from my current reading (which you could find it on the main page of the web.) and share with you guys 🙂

“Boredom occurs when the learning curve flattens out. It can happen to anyone at any level of the corporation. In fact, it occurs most often in the successful people who need more challenge and stimulation than do others. One of the sure signs of the incipient boredom is knowing your job too well, or knowing all the right button to push. I SIMPLY WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN TO MYSELF.”

Have you ever have the experience of hating your job or share the same feelings of mine being as a photography assistant? If yes, please comment below and let’s us discuss with it together!

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