Don’t be afraid of your shadows!


Before talking about this quote, let’s start  with a real business situation first!

“These people would be so much better off, and would look so much better in the eyes of management, if they could admit their mistakes and get on with it, rather than waste everyone’s time trying to rationalize it, cover it up, or put the blame elsewhere.” – Mark H. McCORMACK.

None of us are perfect
Each of us has our own shadows (weaknesses and undesirable qualities). We have to accept these because without shadows, we won’t be able to notice that we are really shining on the stage. This is also the life philosophy of Yahoo! CEO, Marissa Mayer, who was marked as the youngest CEO in Fortune’s list of 50 most powerful women.

Most of the successful people would go with the failures and mistakes instead of escaping from it . They won’t be stopped by their own limitations, they, however, go against for this and find their own ways to succeed.

Don’t let errors repeat
I think everyone would makes errors, but if we repeat those errors again and again, it turn to a huge mistake. It is not only applied to the business, but also in our own relationship! Indeed, I think no girls would like their boyfriend keeping playing computers and ignoring them after countless of a same complaint, am I right? Haha..  So, this quote gonna reminds me that we are allowed to be imperfect, but we are disallowed to cover or conceal our imperfections!

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